Official Kayer site - Bay Area based MC


Bay Area based Hip-Hop Artist part of Sublevel Epidemic / LA2TheBay. Originally from Baltimore MD but earned his name as an MC in the 90's Northwest scene.

Kayer’s first release in 1998 titled Kaera One & DJ Void with Forgotten Dialect was distributed by ATAK establishing his spot in the West Coast underground early on. Vinyl records Put Me In ThisTryin Hard and El Extranjero LP in spanish are his most notable releases in the 2000's. As a performer he started out opening for local venues an has shared stages with artists from Living Legends, The Nonce, Leaders of the New School, Freestyle Fellowship/Project Blowed, Gurp City etc..

In 2005 Kayer began to regularly collaborate with Project Blowed / Good Life Legends Spoon of Iodine and P.E.A.C.E. (Freestyle Fellowship). Producers Vinroc (Triple Threat DJ’s), Cosiner and DJ Icewater have also invested their interest in his talent over the years. Kayer’s latest album "Rewind a Decade" released in 2015 was recieved well by fans and includes the single "City Lytez" featuring Jungle Brown (Camp Lo affiliate). Album can be found on Vinyl, CD and all digital platforms.  

-written by C. Stevens